GWBH x The Bachelor x

You don't have to be on 'The Bachelor' to talk to your significant other in meaningless romantic platitudes. 

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Becky Chicoine
Sam Reece
Mehdi Barakchian
Matt Little

Written by Becky Chicoine and Sam Reece
Directed by David Sidorov
DP: Jon Lynn
Sound/Additional Camera: Noah Throop

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GWBH x Upright Citizens Brigade

Our new show Through the Back Door got a run at UCB!

In the #1 smash hit kid's* show Through the Back Door, Kellan and Juth talk to the neighborhood kids about their everyday struggles as kids, in the neighborhood! Come inside the back door to talk, play and have your mind BLOWN as you learn valuable life lessons about friendship, expressing your individuality, fucking the family members you love the most, and much much more! Remember, if you're older than 10, Kellan and Juth don't want you anywhere near their back door. KiDz* OnLy!

*No, but seriously, don't actually bring kids please.

Directed by Michael Hartney
Music by Eric Gersen